We are a leading distance learning institution whose mission is to provide the best of flexible learning experience to our students. Having established our network in India, Persian Gulf, Nigeria, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait, we believe that no learning dream is insurmountable. Everyone has an opportunity to pursue their aspiration from anywhere in the world and distance should never be a barrier.

Our flexi study programs take full advantage of the internet platform to deliver learning resources to students from all over the world and the comfort of their location. We are proud to be among the few institutes that offer distance engineering and management programs in a comprehensive and most convenient manner.

Along with an expert team of mentors, we guarantee that the resources, qualifications, and benefits you will be getting from our institution are nothing but the very best because you deserve the best.

We are proud to announce that several successful engineers and top management staff have gone through our institution and believe that even more will rise. This has been made possible not only through our well structured programs and dedicated academic staff, but also through the hard work and determination of our students.

How our program works

Our institution delivers learning resources including Case Studies, Notes, Exams and Awards qualifications through Distance Learning as well. To date our mode of teaching has proved to be a success and to the students, a great convenience as evidenced by the numerous numbers that have passed through the system successfully and are now placed in careers of their choice.

As you may have already known, distance learning is a studying concept that involves studying away from a learning institution, normally from a different location for instance, from the comfort of your home or office, on the internet platform. This study mode has immense benefits which, if you are the busy working professional without the luxury of time, might want to consider, in order furthering your career.

This is how you benefit

We come to you: our distance learning program reaches out to you rather than you coming to our institution. This way, you save the time you would have taken on your way to our institution to attend to other matters.

Supported studies: our study support system has maintained a track record of excellence and efficiency. We always have available, study resources like lecture notes, video tutorials, and e-books alongside quality interaction moments. We endeavor to always be available for you when you need us just so that you have all it takes for you to succeed in your selected course.

Flexi programs: much as our programs are time bound, we have structured them in the most flexible way. You study at your own free time. You determine when to sit down to study, take on projects, and prepare for exams and we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

E-exams and evaluations: our exams and evaluations are one of our greatest selling points. You get to take your exams from your location without having to go to any examination center. Thereafter, we will award you credential.


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