In an endlessly shifting and fast paced corporate planet, training and development is a vital necessity.  Most companies have Training and development at the bottom list of their priorities.  However, what constitutes a company is the sum total of individual achievements of employees, then organizations should endeavour to ensure that employees’ performance is optimum.

We are a leading corporate training institution that is concerned about people. Our motivation, our interaction, every engagement, and choice are people. Starting from the ones we hire to the way we work, the first fundamental thought is getting the best fit.

We employ professionals. It is our desire to work with people who are passionate about what they do. By hiring the right fit, we ensure that you receive the very best solution for your needs. Our team comprises of training and development professionals who will promptly comprehend the objectives of your business and employee needs, and work around creating a customized solution to meet these needs.

In 2017 only it has won ABP News – Indian Education Congress National Award for 2017 and ASSOCHAM Award and also become the only e learning education institute of India to have been engaged by The General Directorate Of Residency & Foreign Affairs , of UAE Government, for imparting training to it’s senior officials, at Dubai-UAE. After all these milestones in 2017, this institute has been engaged by yet another Government Department of Dubai- Dubai Government Workshop for Competency Building for their officers & executives.

The lead faculty from IIMT Studies conducted a Learning Session on Critical Thinking on 26.08.2017, at Dubai. The session was attended by 30 officers and executives of Dubai Government Workshop. The session was conducted


IIMT (H.O), 53-56, B-Wing, Pariseema Complex, Bodyline Cross Road, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- India

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