Dr. Yas Alsultanny

Professor, PhD Associate Expert Faculty

Professor Yas Alsultanny is the scientist of machine learning, data mining, and quantitative analysis, he is a computer engineering and data analysis PhD holder since 1997. He was developed a high standard of research methods for graduate students and MBA through his supervising 100 MSc and PhD theses, and consulting 140 MBA projects, moreover he supervised more than 100 BSc projects. He served in many reputed universities in Bahrain, Jordan. Iraq, and Germany. He led more than 100 workshops, and main speaker in many symposiums and conferences. In addition, he is reviewer and editor for various international journals. He was worked chair for many quality assurance committees.

Professor Yas Alsultanny has spent his past 25 years of his life dedicated to the advancement of technological convergence and knowledge transfer to students, both as an individual contributor and as a research team member; building core competencies towards the achievement of internationally recognized expertise in fields of technology management, data mining, machine learning, and green technology.

Professor Alsultanny served for a reputed university in Bahrain: Arabian Gulf University, French Arabian Business School, and University of Bahrain. In Jordan: Applied Science University, Amman Arab University, Al-Balqa Applied University, and the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences. In Iraq: University of Baghdad, University of Technology, Al-Mustansiriya University, and Institute of Technology. In Germany: Arab German Academy for Science and Technology (online). Besides these, he was held position director of the Arabian Gulf University Consultations, Community Services, Training, and Continuous Teaching Centre in Bahrain. And the position of head of the Computer Information Systems department and vice dean College of Information Technology in Applied Science University in Jordan.

In addition to the regular teaching, research, and theses supervision responsibilities, Alsultanny was worked a chair of statistical and KPIs committees in Arabian Gulf University, chair of quality assurance and accreditation committee in Amman Arab University, member of quality assurance and accreditation committee in Applied Science University and Arabian Gulf University,  member of establishing PhD Innovation Management program in Arabian Gulf University, member of establishing the college of Information Technology, Applied Science University, member of establishing Graduate College of Computing Studies, Amman Arab University, member of developing MSc Technology Management program, member council of College of Graduate Studies, Arabian Gulf University, and member council of College of Information Technology, Applied Science University.

He is a trainer and a consultant for a number of public and private organizations, He is a main writer of the UN Environment report, as well as member of writing AGU university strategic plans.

Topics Expertise

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning (DMML)
  • Data Mining
  • Quantitative Analysis for Management
  • Statistical Analysis by SPSS
  • Statistical Analysis by MINITAB
  • Statistical Analysis by Excel
  • Research Methodology
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Information Technology for Management
  • Transfer of Technology Processes for Innovation Management
  • Software Engineering
  • MSc Theses Supervision
  • PhD Theses Supervision
  • MBA Theses Supervision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • E-Commerce and Marketing
  • Python Programming
  • Computer Security
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networks
  • Logic Circuits


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