Our institution is one of the very few that offers plausible technical training and seminars to organizations. Here are some of the areas we deal with. Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals Technology – we offer training and technical support to the petroleum refining and petrochemicals technology industry across the globe. This is in meeting the growing need of quality training services to refiners. In addition, we will endeavor to develop innovative training packages to this industry to keep up with technological development.


  • Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals
  • Operation & Maintenance of CFR Engines
  • Advances in Petroleum Refining Technology
  • Advances in Processing & Handling of Heavy Crudes

Operation & Maintenance of CFR (Cooperative Fuel Research) Engines – CFR engines are used majorly in the petroleum industry to test fuels and lubricants that have been refined and are ready for distribution. As it is, this is an overly technical course yet our institution has stood out from the rest to offer workers training, seminars, and refresher courses to equip them with the necessary and safe handling procedures and processes.

Advances in Petroleum Refining Technology – this is another oil and gas training program that addresses the technological facet of refineries. It deals with core refining processes including various distillation processes of crude oil and the features and constituents of crude oil and much more. This course is meant for bridging the gap because generally there is a shortage of seasoned engineers in this industry.

Advances in Processing & Handling of Heavy Crudes – Heavy crude oil as you may have known is higher in density and involves more complex processing, handling, and transportation. The main aim of this course is to empower workers and the organization as whole to adapt the latest efficient and cost-effective heavy crude oil production methods.


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