Referral Policy

Policy Statement

International Institute of Management & Technical Studies (IIMT) encourages students and alumni to refer friends, colleagues, and family members to IIMT where it meets with the educational goals of those who are referred.


The purpose of this policy is to outline the conditions under which students and alumni will receive a referral reward for referring new students to IIMT who are subsequently admitted to any of IIMT's programs and who successfully complete at least the first full academic term. The policy also specifies the type and amount of referral reward and when and how it will be given to students.


The new student referral policy applies to all students who are currently registered or are on an approved designated break at IIMT. Applicants who are referred by students must not be represented by or referred by an agent or other third party who is entitled to a commission, bonus, or other form of financial gain.

The new student referral policy will not apply to any applicants who are part of an articulation or partnership agreement with another institution. Applicants referred by a student or alumnus must indicate on the application form the full and complete name(s) of the student who referred them to IIMT and their relationship to that student. Only one student or alumnus may be named as the referee. The referral reward for new student referrals will be applied towards the tuition fees of the referring student once the status of the new student is confirmed.

New students referred by existing students will be treated as all other applicants with respect to the admission process and criteria.


  • The Registrar has the responsibility to confirm the status of the new student and the identity of the referring student or alumnus.
  • The Registrar, in consultation with the President, has the responsibility for updating the policy and submitting it to Academic Standards Committee for review and recommendation to Academic Council.
  • The Director of Market Development has the responsibility to review the effectiveness of the policy on student recruitment and to report and to recommend changes to the policy to the Registrar.
  • The Manager of Marketing Communications is responsible for communicating information about the policy accurately to students and for keeping that information current.
  • The Financial Administrator will keep records keep on the amounts to be credited to student accounts for new student referrals.

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