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Management means technique to care and cater to an able and viable way in functioning of the organization.

Human resource managers in today's world play the role of strategic partners. This role helps the development with accomplishment of goals of organization by means of wider business planning. The challenge of Human resource today is to think with attitude and acumen of business person.

The present scenario demands that a Human resource professional ought to be An Employee, Advocate and A Change Champion.

International Institute of Management and Technical Studies, is launching an International Booklet on June 2013 on Human Resource Professionals. It is heratening to know that it would be produced in more than 100 countries throught network of the institute. Appreciatingly the book is to be launched for free and for betterment of society.

I convey my good wishes to all at International Institute of Management and Technical Studies for the endeaver in networking the Human Resource Professionals.

Narendra Modi
(Prime Minister of India)

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IIMT (H.O), 53-56, B-Wing, Pariseema Complex, Bodyline Cross Road, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- India

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