International Institute Of Management & Technical Studies is a part of Burly Institute of Global Education & Research Pvt. Ltd. , Ahmedabad.

  1. IIMT Studies was founded in 2009 with the sole objective of enabling growth thru education.
  2. IIMT Studies is affiliated with Citi of Oxford College, Oxford- UK and also with EADL, Europe. 
  3. IIMTS is also associated with Directorate of Employment & Training, State Government of Gujarat and is one of the listed institute for E-learning as declared in The Gujarat Knowledge Consortium book.
  4. IIMTS has partnered with Government of Gujarat under PPP model to ungrade and improve Industrial Training Institute ,Vadagam (Dhansura)& also has been Knowledge Partner with Government Polytechnic, Ahmedabad. Refer the Link: ITI VADAGAM WEBSITE
  5. IIMT Studies has been also affiliated with professionals forums like Bharuch District  Management Association, Bharuch , HR Milestone, Ahmedabad, Indian Society For training &development , Vadodara Chapter, Association of Indian Management Schools, HR Forum UAE to promote education & knowledge amongst working professionals. 
  6. IIMT has launched Joint Certification Programmes in affiliation with CCESD, The Institution of Engineers, GSC for Diploma and Post Graduate Programmes in various engineering streams. Refer the website link: The Institution of Engineers, GSC, CCESD News 
  7. IIMT Studies is the 4 th ranked e learning institute in India , offering more than 50 specially designed courses to working professionals, to enable them to upgrade their academic qualifications.
  8. The institute has more than 10,000 students across 40 countries today, with 3 branches in  India& overseas.
  9. IIMT Studies has won following national awards in the last two years for it’s quality education thru e learning & blended learning methods

ABP News–Indian Education Congress–Training Leader Of The Year

ABP News – Indian Education Congress Award for the Best Distance Learning Institute .

ABP News – Indian Education Congress Award for the best Industry Academic Interface .

ASSOCHAM  Award for the Best Institute for Industry Academy Interface.



IIMT - Studies offers certification courses in management, technical & Computer application streams as mentioned in this (click to open the file) attached file.

The institution offers almost every stream and for same we have happy clients with us.

Fast Track Duration is a feature which one can avail with respect to his/her requirement. Also when we talk about illegibility of availing FTF (Fast Track Feature), certain years of experience in related stream is mandatory. The reason behind asking work experience to avail FTF is very logical, as professionals crosses the boundaries of practical learning by working on floor with organizations, they need not to face the tenure of practical sessions which usually comes in study pattern of fresh students hence by adopting the concept of learning on floor education bodies of the country have launched FTF feature for professionals who has vast experience just like you.

You can save a lot of time as we give you the fast track option. From a university, you will have to invest a minimum of 2-3 years whereas from our institute you can finish the program anytime between 6months to 2 years (subject to the choice of the program).

We in IIMT Studies believe in providing Carrier Oriented Programmes over Knowledge Oriented Programmes . Your enriched work experience make me believe that you already have sharpen on floor skills, now, what you need is a Carrier Oriented Programme which has enough consideration for corporate world.

University foundation : Universities restrict to provide Fast Track Feature to professionals and student, who is ready to devote complete 3/2 years to complete his/her Graduation/masters, doesn't matter how vast experience one is holding. Also when it comes to providing final certification it takes precise few month after completion of course. Hence the ultimate duration to earn final certificate of Graduation/masters within University boundaries takes precise around 3/4 years, which are the basic criterias to follow by any university. We never critise any university education instead we appreicate the classrom learning and henceforth we have made a platform of classroom learning from anytime anywhere with complete backboard facility from where a student is eligible to take up any sort of education with an ease of learning. 

IIMT - Studies (An Autonomous body) Authority : To overcome the regulation of time boundaries, IIMT - Studies as an autonomous Institutes is offering certification courses to their students with "Fast Track Feature" (short term courses) on the basis of which professionals need and Industry's demands, so professinal do not devote his long precious time and on the basis of + 2 year of experience one can complete Master programme in around 8 months only and will get final attested certificate (if required and proceeded for) in around 9 month only.

University foundation : There is only and only option of "Center Base Examination" under which student has to compulsorily give attendance on allotted center, on allotted date and has to sit for 3 hours classroom examination to solve the question paper in traditional way also, if student fail to appear in exam he will be having only 3 chances for reappearing with a gap period of 6 months, however, IIMT STUDIES offer, Center based exam, online exam and project based exam too. 

IIMT - Studies (An Autonomous body) Authority : To overcome the regulation of time boundaries, we also fledge our students with "Online & Open Examination" concept in few courses which give professionals time as well as location flexibility on the basis of which candidates need not to compromise there job commitments neither they have to seek for any leave for examination purpose.

University foundation : Traditional syllabus which University follow has an outdated structure also limits the knowledge till country level which is having a rigid eye of global corporate. Mug-up system of long theories doesn't allow professionals to manage their study as well as work, hence one has to take many leaves from their job, has to compromise salaries, has to follow mug up system then only probability of passing with good grades rises. The traditional approach of studies has been always better for freshmen as the base level learning is required for students.

IIMT - Studies (An Autonomous body) Authority : The International authors  study material, case study concept and every 6 months updated syllabus will give valuable knowledge to professionals and keep them up-to-date with the current trend also case base study help them not to follow mug-up system but to churn there mind wheels and implement there practical on roll learning in study concept.

University foundation : Reservation quotas, merit list selection, limited seats with annual enrolment process, entrance examinations, fees in healthy number, non-availability of online lectures and number of hidden charges etc. may bound many professionals to burn their desire of getting higher education.

IIMT - Studies (An Autonomous body) Authority : Experience base enrolment process, no entrance examination, 24/7 e-lectures for professionals, no reservation quotas, economical fee structure, inclusive of all study materials help professionals to get there higher education and to get salary hike and designation hike by highlighting there proven potential along with upgrade qualification.

The biggest and most valuable example of Autonomous Body is "IIM's" (Indian Institute of Management) topmost management college of India, when started, was an autonomous institution built up its value on its own valuable and quality education.

Online Live Lectures / Recorded Lectures : Online learning is worth doing if you get the complete classroom setup in your office / home / drawing room through your Laptop / Desktop or any mobile devise. IIMT STUDIES gives you this feel at your doorstep. 

Steps: After enrolment, connect the support deptartment to get your mobile app to download in your mobile. The lecture schedule will be shared with you on email in advance. In case you miss the live lectures, you can also claim your recorded lecture from the support team. support@iimtgroup.edu.in will require your enrolment number to send you the process of online learning facility. 

IIMT - Studies fledge you with unique study process, through which you need not devote any of your official or family time. Right from the enrollment till getting final certificate you will get entire facilities online 24/7 due to which you can easily overcome the geographical and time boundaries. Students can complete there enrollment process through online mode by submitting scan copy of their necessary documents + remitting there fee directly in institutes authorized account. After completion of enrollment process they will receive hard copy + soft copy of study materials, enrollment letter, and fee clearance receipt at their door step. On the basis of self study concept student can study on their convenient time, in case of queries they can demand online query solving lecture that too as per there time and date convenience.

Moreover, Online live and recorded lectures, downloadable book material, online classroom, online assignment writing and submission, online project work and E-conversation are the features offered by the institute to all their students who do not have time to study in traditional way.

IIMT Studies provides you with flexible examination methodology named as Project base examination concept inspired from Harvard University.

It gives location flexibility, and time flexibility due to which students need not compromise their job commitments. Students selection of Case studies base examination allow our examination dept. to provide them question papers via mail, whereas the project study base format of question paper allow them to write the answers from their practical experience. The 10 days of time period will help them out to solve the papers in best possible way. Also our updated reference books will help them out to get innovative concepts to solve case studies in their own words.

Even the Post exam viva through professional faculties will help them out to evaluate themselves in terms of learning by sharing their thoughts on questioned case studies with them. And the most important from the beginning of course till getting the certificate, we assure you to deliver our best services and to always be in your support.

In all certification courses, learning is important. Students generally follow the exams to pass but we feel if your learning goes well, your exams will go beautifully beautiful.

The question papers which we provide aredesigned by experienced faculties and based on case study concepts whereas study material which we provide is reference books hence you can refer books but can't cheat. Please note that Open Book Examination concept belongs to world's top education university i.e. Harvard University. Moreover, IIMT does conduct Viva exam after the exams of the students. In such case, copy cases reduce for 99% and we are still working on the technology to make it till 100%.

When we talk about our faculty background, we have highly experiencedand professional faculty on a permanent as well as on visiting basis. We have a team of World-class faculty associated with us, which includes faculties from various corporates and highly appreciable educational bodies. This panel of expert faculty not only guide to our students in there learning hurdles but also give them carrier assistance. Moreover, we have online classroom sessions on every day for the students to groom their expertise in skills and communication.

IIMT - STUDIES is an International Institute and has many international nationalities enrolled in various certification courses. We have many nationality students enrolled with us like American, Japanese, Jordan, Sri-Lankan, Nigerian, Ghanaian, African, Canadian and many other nationalities. They enjoy E-learning in IIMT STUDIES.

You will be fledge by knowing that IIMT - Studies having Minimum fee 0f INR 10,700 and Maximum of INR 3,00,000 only, with inclusive of all facilities and feature. You need not pay any extra single penny from your pocket apart from mentioned fee not even for study materials as it is included in your fee itself. No hidden charges you will pay.

Other nationalities fee are charged differently as students are delivered all the services at their door step in their respective countries.


IIMT (H.O), 53-56, B-Wing, Pariseema Complex, Bodyline Cross Road, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- India

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