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We are a leading distance learning institution whose mission is to provide the best of flexible learning experience to our students. Having established our network in India, Persian Gulf, Nigeria, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait, we believe that no learning dream is insurmountable. Everyone has an opportunity to pursue their aspiration from anywhere in the world and distance should never be a barrier.

  • 80+Professional Programmes
  • 1000+International Nationalities Students
  • 4000+Student
  • 30Countries where Students are offered Education by IIMT

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Corporate social responsibility commonly known as CSR is the practice of companies and organizations getting involved in activities aimed at giving back to the society. CSR activities should be both social and environment advocating for sustainable development and use of resources.


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Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. And I feel proud to say that ( IIMT) my institute has set an example for the prosperity of the humanity regardless the difference of nationalities and religions. I am lucky to be a part of it as a student of HSE Engineering. Best wishes for the team IIMT.

As a distant learner iimt has become a great solution for me. It proved me everything is possible.

I am very proud to be IIMT Masters student. IIMT teaching technique made the transition from professional life back to student life easy and the learning experience is invaluable to my career. I appreciate all the assistance I am getting along the way, especially from the Distance Ed department, its quality learning system, its supportive counselor’s facility 24/7, its flexible study methodology etc.



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