Corporate social responsibility commonly known as CSR is the practice of companies and organizations getting involved in activities aimed at giving back to the society. CSR activities should be both social and environment advocating for sustainable development and use of resources.



Training and Development on CSR

Major Corporate do have a CSR team dedicated to plan and manage their activities. These teams research on events that their corporate could participate in to fulfill their CSR requirements. For most corporate, the CSR activities form part of their marketing strategy as they get to show their commitment to the wellbeing of the society to their stakeholders and consumers.

Research has proved that consumers are more drawn to corporate that have an active CSR participation. Professionals are also looking to work for organizations that are focused on people other than revenue. As a corporate, there are a few categories of CSR activities to participate in:


Environment conservation is a global phenomenon that cuts across. Corporate companies tend to have a larger carbon footprint compared to the small and medium sized ones. Efforts aimed at reducing the amount of carbon emitted in the atmosphere sits well not only with the company′s stakeholder but also with the entire society. The collective effort by different companies towards a better environment makes the whole difference.


Donations towards noble causes like charity, sports, or societal activities go a long way in achieving the goals set out for the particular event. Corporate companies ought to be a part of the success of these activities in showing their commitment to promoting such causes. This leaves a positive influence on the society and corporate as well.

Voluntary Services



Voluntary activities are the perfect CSR activities since they tell more about a company′s core values and commitment to the people. This is because voluntary activities are self-sacrificing while expecting nothing in return. The best activities will involve all employees in the organization.

Moral Values

How a corporate treats its employees communicates a lot on its view on the society at large. Global organizations demonstrate their social responsibility by treating their employees ethically and abiding by the different labor laws in the countries they operate in.


CSR is a broad perspective and is the only way for a company to communicate its social values. It needs not be a huge expense on the organizations as there are many ways to give back to the society besides financial aid. For a more successful CSR campaign, it is important to involve your employees and let them take part in all the activities.

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