Post Graduate Programme In Plastic Engineering

Post Graduation Programme in Plastic Engineering is a professional course which consists of processing, designing, developing, and manufacturing plastic products.


Plastic Moulds Manufacturing Technologies
Plastic Testing Technologies
Plastics Materials & Applications
Plastic Moulds & Product Design

Plastic Waste Management
Plastic Composite Technologies
Quality Management
Plastics Recycling and Waste Treatment

Post Graduate Programme In Plastic Engineering Course Benefit

Plastic engineers can augment their knowledge by earning this degree in plastics engineering. This expertise can boost their careers or prepare them for more advanced studies in the field of plastic engineering. Post graduate programmes has always been a career ladder in once's job profile.

IIMT Studies is now accredited by the British Accreditation Council. Since the institute is accredited internationally, the courses are offered with the international standards.


  • Course Type

    Post Graduate

  • Category

    Plastic Engineering

  • Course Duration

    11 Months

Eligibility Criteria

Any Professional with 2 years of continuous work experience & compulsory having Graduation from any reputed University/ Institute.

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