Iimts Uk - Gujarat University Joint Certification Programme - Module I

Gujarat University of India and IIMT Studies UK have expanded their horizon by initiating a joint Certificate Programme, online employment oriented competency-based, from the academic year 2019-20. This one year programme allows participating students to obtain a joint course of Gujarat University and IIMT Studies UK which is likely to include the Industry oriented International curriculum to enhance the employability skills of the students and help the students understand the global job market. The University will use the expertise of IIMT Studies' Online Blended learning Portal. The Programmes are Working professionals will also be able to enrol in these courses; subject to meet with the eligibility criteria designed of the course. This programme will allow a bunch of selected students, based on the selection criteria, to visit to IIMT Studies UK for five working days and study their a significant part of the course. This course has complete online teaching and may have some required classroom sessions in the University Campus in India. This selective programme will allow students to customise their training at both universities, and also to benefit from the numerous opportunities, networks and services offered on both sides of the Channel.


  • Human Personality Development GUIUKPS02
  • Resource Utilization & Management GUIUKMN03
  • Understanding & Identifying Leadership Competence GUIUKMN04
  • Project Based Learning GUIUKPL01
  • Developing Personal Vision Mission Values Ethics GUIUKMN01
  • Corporate Ethics, Values Corporate Etiquette GUIUKMN01
  • Basic Management Thoeries & Principles GUIUKMN03
  • Effective Communication Process & Techniques GUIUKSS01
  • Communication Process Practical Exercises & Simulations GUIUKSS02
  • Corporate System Process & Control GUIUKCE02
  • Changing Your Mind Set GUIUKPS01
  • Smart Learning Techniques GUIUKSS03
  • Career Goal Setting GUIUKCE02
  • Case Studies Analysis GUIUKCS01

Iimts Uk - Gujarat University Joint Certification Programme - Module I Course Benefit

Fee Structure:
Rs 3700 + GST or £ 45 (Including VAT) for one module.
Rs 11100 + GST  or £ 132 (Including VAT) for all three modules.

Learning Delivery Mechanism:
The learning delivery for this program will be ensured by three tools:

Live Classes - Class room Learning:
The course will have 108 hours theory classes which can be attended in class room or thru virtual platforms. The classrooms will require the projector/computers to show the online classes. 

Each class will have 45 to 50 minutes of learning over a period of 36 weeks as explained earlier in this document.

The learning delivery will be ensured thru experienced qualified professionals from academics & corporate sectors.

The lectures will be available in recorded form and will be shared on demand from students.

The course reading material for each lecture will be share in soft form to students on their respective portal account.

Course Material:
Each subject will have it’s reading material in form of an e document & will be shared with student at regular interval after the lecture on that topic.

The examination & assessment will be based on this course material which contains the theoretical information on the topic.

Link of related videos:
Apart from the core subject and theory , the students will get a benefit of learning thru video clips on some of the topics.

The video clips will help students to understand the difficult theoretical concepts in form of an interesting story line.

Medium Of Instructions:
The classroom lectures & course material will be in English Language as the corporate world mostly use English as the first preference.

The course supporting video material will be in English as well as Hindi for the comfort of the Student.

The examination will be conducted in English language.

The Faculties:
The faculties will be drawn from Corporate Sector & the Academy field.
The repeat lectures will be recorded lectures.

The assessment & certification process will be carried out by IIMT Studies Ltd. UK , online .

The minimum % for clearing the assessment successfully will be 50 % overall however the minimum marks for passing subject will be 40%. 

The UK learning exposure:
The UK exposure will be offered to the selected students who qualify in merit; however, this is subject to the minimum enrolments achieved for the course, which will be decided in consultation with the University authorities. 

The selected bunch of students will travel to London with no extra cost except valid visa cost, on their pocket. Students will go for five days in London; where they will have the opportunity to study in London, explore the international business culture, global job market and the exploration of the foreign culture. The international study dates will be thrice in a year. Every module will have one UK study tour, subject to the fulfilment of the UK study tour Criteria. 

UK study tour criteria:
Below are the UK study tour criteria. The UK tour dates shall be declared once all the requirements are fulfilled. 

  1. Minimum batch enrolments should not be less than 1000.
  2. The selection of the students will merit-based and based on the recommendation of the selection committee. 
  3. The students must obtain a valid visa to travel to the UK.
  4. Valid passport and a valid visa will be students’ responsibility. 
IIMT Studies is now accredited by the British Accreditation Council. Since the institute is accredited internationally, the courses are offered with the international standards.

  • This course is accredited by EduQual. EduQual is a regulated awarding body, approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA-Accreditation), UK, a globally recognised national qualifications regulator in the UK. EduQual is a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

  • Course Type

    Joint Certification Course with Gujarat University

  • Category

    Gujarat University Joint Certification

  • Course Duration

    6 Months

Eligibility Criteria

Student of Gujarat University or its affiliated College

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