July 29, 2016

Wow – Woman of Worth!

Wow… I’m a Woman!

Wow… ‘Woman of Worth’. Every woman should feel this truly. This sentiment has to be there in your thought, speech and action. You deserve what you deserve… so make yourself more deserving.

You yourself can only work on it, work towards it and work for it. Make it happen. It’s only you who can create a difference in your life… Nobody else. In fact, it’s not about being a man or a woman- this has absolutely nothing to do with the gender. Each individual has to bear the responsibility of self-development and it’s nothing but Personal development. Take the baton and be the in charge of your augmentation, your enhancement, your enrichment. You have one life and live it with pride.

When it comes to social responsibility, as a woman you have many a things to do with your personal and professional life. Draw a fine line between the both and continue incessantly towards your mission to earn more meaning to your life.

The working platform has seen many changes since the inception. Today’s woman has more to contribute towards the work life. She’s not looking merely for a secondary income or a time away from her routine responsibilities. The business and the employment world, to some extent, has categorized woman and placed her in a particular mold stating out her restrictions and limitations only.

Woman- in the employment world has seen all the discriminations. The word ‘discrimination’ sounds little awkward… let’s put as inequities. Many work places doesn’t guarantee you all the deserving positions in comparison to your counterparts. They feel woman is not capable to handle certain position because she is termed as ‘very emotional’, ‘very sensitive’ and ‘very judgmental’. However good you are, these workplaces make you see the ‘glass ceiling’ when you grow and crop down your professional progression.

To all woman- Start seeing beyond your imagination- I mean imagining widely, vastly and beyond the horizon and this will only take you to the deserving level. Believe in yourself. You are too good to be understood, too positive to be bothered by these negative talks and too professional to get agitated.

Your determination will pave the path for you and you may walk incessantly, carefree and show the world your worth! Being woman is substantial.

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Anita Simson

Manager- Human Resources & Admin.

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry