March 23, 2016

WORK LIFE BALANCE – Journey towards Organization Success

Increasingly, how well organization’s innovate in People Management & implement varied work life balance initiatives is determinant for ultimate success of the organizations. We at RAK White Cement Co are fortunate to have dynamic management allowing Human Resources to innovate and always benchmark Human Resource practices. This keeps HR on toes to perform always at their peak.

Work-life balance is the concept that a person can create a balance between their personal and professional lives. It is accomplished when an individual maintains a sense of achievement and enjoyment in the key areas of their personal life – family, friends, self – and their paid occupation.

Employee turnover ratio has been increasing over the last few years, which is partially a result of increasing work pressures on operators from higher productive expectations.  Improving employee retention has become challenge for Managers since the bureaucratic culture, hierarchical structures, rules, and regulations, heavy emphasis on measurement of outcomes and costs may not be the culture most conducive to enhance Employee job satisfaction and commitment. Data analysis shows that unit organizational culture does affect Employee quality of work life factors and that human relation cultural values are positively related to organizational commitment, job involvement, empowerment, and job satisfaction, and negatively related to intent to turnover.

Managing Work-life Balance sets out the roadmap for moving an organisation towards a positive work-life culture. It lays down clear and practical advice for HR  and  line  managers  in  order  to engage  employers,  managers  and employees  in  the process of controlling the inherent conflicts between the worlds of work and home.

We carried out employee surveys to identify employee needs at workplace. Survey result indicated factors such as high stress, ineffective time management, workplace stringent  policies  and  poor leadership  on  the  job are the major causes  of  this  work-life imbalance.

A variety of work life balance initiatives have been adopted at the RAK White Cement Co after conducting work life balance training. The training has tremendous impact on productivity with focus on both personal and professional achievements as well as employment. It’s been observed that there has been tremendous rise in the levels of loyalty, commitment and retention of employees after work life balance initiatives. Some of the work life balance features adopted or enhanced or upgraded includes:

  • Flexible Leave Arrangements include Compensatory Day offs, Leave Encashment, Deceased Leave (for first relatives), Hajj Leave, Educational Leave, Short Leaves (for 4 hrs in a month) and Accident Leaves (employee is entitled to full pay for the first six months and thereafter, half pay until he dies, or recovers, or is proved to be permanently disabled).
  • Monthly Engagement Calendar to have intellectual engagement, affective engagement & social engagement of all employees.
  • Line Managers and supervisors were provided People Management Training to ascertain that they shoulder greater responsibility in retaining staff. Managers were also informed that they will be held accountable for staff turn-over in their work area.
  • Strategized Performance Management system such that employees are clear on their responsibilities and are motivated to perform at their highest expectations.
  • Employee Development through class room training or job rotations. Providing opportunities to develop & advance in their career.
  • Workplace wellness programs to have healthy, balanced & fulfilled workforce.
  • Employee recognition programs were launched to appreciate individual/team achievements at workplace.

Implementation of Work life balance strategies resulted in

  1. People Productivity increased by 2.3% over the previous year
  2. Significantly increased  loyalty,  productivity,  commitment  and  retention  of  key managers and employees
  3. Flexible working System have reduced the number of sick leaves
  4. Executives and managers conveyed that work balance features improve not only their professional & official commitments but their personal lives

We are sure this is just the beginning & the best is yet to come. RAKWC team is constantly aiming to enable employees to work out a perfect balance between their professional and personal life which will help them to achieve  higher  levels  of  accomplishment  in  both  the  spheres  of professional and personal life.

Dr. Syed Jaleeluddin Hyder

Dr. Syed Jaleeluddin Hyder

Designation – HR manager

Company – RAK White Cement Construction Group Location – RAK(UAE)