February 25, 2016

Trust! – Exceptionally Influential

Trust- a very innate factor.

It comes out naturally, flows down, spreads out and creates an ambience where qualm doesn’t have a slenderest chance of entry.

Sounds pleasing to ears… right?? But, You as a HR professional needs to really put in effort, be determined and consistent for creating an ambience filled-in with such pleasant vibes.  It is not about just being nice to everyone all the time.  You need to be work-oriented, people-oriented and finally it makes the difference when you are goal-oriented.  This is indeed a matter of being ethical.

Being ethical is not always easy and comfortable.  You will find yourself in such a station where you can find things circumstantially right but certainly unfit for the position.  At times, this will put you in a fix and will be quite trying at times.

A true HR should exhibit a combination of being professional, just manner and ethical.  This enables you to portray a picture of justice, righteousness & legitimateness.

In this so called commercial era; where everything and everyone jingles business, HR professional should backup the organization with a pat of humane and benevolent, as again the fundamental principle remains the same- productive workforce is equal to business.

Being and staying objective all the times elevates Your position rather than perceiving things in a very subjective approach.

Being objective is something to adhere upon as a Human Resources professional.    What you feel right and act thinking it is right, should also be ethically right.  It is easier said than done.  And if you don’t have it in-built, you need to cultivate this behavior and grow it to such a level that you don’t see anything beyond your objective.

Many a times, it is seen that whenever a scene occurs, it is looked upon & concluded on the basis of who and who is involved in the situation.  This in turn needs to be solved on the basis of what exactly is expected out of the situation.

When in times of decision making you need to look purely into the hard facts and not ponder on feelings and opinions.  A unique approach towards your goals and no matter what you do keep your basics right.

Wear your factual HR hat, be influential upwards, downwards, sidewards and find the phenomenon change!

An Article by :


Anita Simson

Manager- Human Resources & Admin.

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry