August 9, 2016

Sell Yourself

Selling – is an art… is an important trait that needs to be fostered, if not ingrained. Selling is winning. Your selling strength certainly needs to be outweigh and here we mention selling your professional attributes and we, in Human Resources… it’s HR verticals.

When I say ‘sell’… don’t get me wrong. Simply, it’s all about making your ideas more saleable. Your ideas and concepts needs to be so worthy that you need not sell them and the status should show as “already sold”. If still in chaos, you may walk through the article and apprehend to the core.

Why someone has to buy it from you? Buyers approach the sellers only if they find it unique. So now, what’s your USP- Unique Selling Point. Here, at this point, the need arise of perceiving differently, doing differently and being different. It’s highly possible that you do lot of things that others do; but what outstands you is how you do it! So the bottom-line is “do it… yet, do it differently”.

You do things, I do things, and we all do many a things… Everyone does the same things… but doing it differently gives you an edge… doing same things in a different way makes you stand ahead and finally, entitles you for being exclusive. Let the creative juice flow out abundantly. Bring out the ‘C’ Factor- the Creative Factor out of you.

When I say “sell yourself” doesn’t mean that you are diminished to a product… No … you are not in search of buyers… people are there- looking around for better talent, better service and better knowhow. So, when you own all these qualities… you, as a professional, is ready to sell your ideas… your concepts… your beliefs to everyone and the buyers will sure shot go for this as they know … they are not wrong this time… this works and will work. You create a magnetic field around you where everyone will get drawn to you, wanting to be associated with you and looking forward to being with you… it’s like you create a positive aura around you. It’s nothing… but…. a “Halo effect”. So work on creating that kind of effect and be rest assured on the results.

Remember, people are the most significant aspect of all your resources. They are irreplaceable, as everyone has and enjoys their own individuality. To sell things to them will be challenging, to make them follow you will be demanding and to make them work with you to attain the common goal would definitely be stimulating.

Be a HR professional where people look upon you, stand beside you walk with you. Be a HRP- ‘Know it All’ kind. If you are good in what you do and have in-depth knowledge of what you deal with, you definitely are a person who is inspiring. And, as everyone knows- a leader is a person who has followers.

In other words, selling is simply being the controller, taking charge of others’ thoughts, inspiring and influencing the people around. The beauty is that this happens… by saying it happens means that your surrounds don’t even know that this is done… they flow naturally and your surrounds gets immersed in it.

And, once it starts happening… I pledge you will enjoy this. You being wanted… relishing the position of always looked upon… experiencing the experience of believing that your concepts are appreciated and practiced by others and purely adoring the results. Here… develops the sense of ownership and a strong belief of not letting others down at any cost. And, finally the CPD- Continuous Professional/ Personal Development process rolls in and gets on incessantly. You stay updated and stay ahead.

Wearing the HR hat, simply made me realize on how significant it is to make yourself more saleable, remain wanted and dependable for anything and anyone that crosses your path.

Be a commoner and yet be called an Exclusive!

An Article by :


Anita Simson

Manager- Human Resources & Admin.

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry