March 23, 2016

Importance of HR as Business Partner for the growth of the Organization

In the modern management style HR comes as Business partner for the organization. As a business partner HR has to step- up the performance of the organization.

Employee as a Partner
Here role of the HR should consider the employee also as partners of the organization.
-In every organization employees come first and customers come second.
-If the employee happy he will perform well So customers will get the same effect from his service.
-In the current HR Leadership we can say….
-“If the organization takes care of employee
-Employee will take care of the business
-The business will take care of the profit
-The profit will take care of the organization.”

Immediate Feed back
-Every employee needs immediate feedback.
-If you give the feedback of their performance immediately they will be motivated.
-So praise the employees in front of all and correct them personally.
-HR has to take care this management technique, and convey this slogan to all the departments.
-We can take the correcting mode for employees as PCP strategy.
-PCP means Praise-Correct-Praise. We have to praise their efforts first and after convey the organization’s best strategy to them.
-We should praise in advance for their listening and accepting the organization strategy . .
-If we treat the employees this way the organization will get the maximum benefits and performance from employees.

An Article by :

Mr Sajeev T

Mr. Sajeev Thankappan


Company – Jasaf Group