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Why Human Resources Professional should never leave the organization. Here the word “Never” shows the Importance of “HR Profile” and not of the Job. HR; a key role personality in the Organization, who always seek and need proper attention.

An employer chases the bottom line and HR a key saviour always protect it by augmenting many business lead HR strategies in the Organization. It is a vast field to work with, to learn with and to grow with. No matter whether it’s a SMI (Small Scale Industry) or a LSI (Large Scale Industry), the power of learning is always there. Books have always tried to describe this in best possible manners.

The HR Booklet, second edition should be considered as an important learning material that can let the learner learn the significant HR modules through great case studies and live life experiences. HR Booklet has another view in terms of describing an HR for an Organization. It is giving an Idea of being a Developed / an Expert Human Resources Professional or can be said to develop HR into the need of today’s Industry (ies).

Today the Corporate(s) understand to get the best of best result out of an employment. An employer is never found wrong at the part of business policies and the expectations as an Investor. Human Resources function is expected to possess the skills and expertise to develop the organization as per business needs & the way an employer wants. HR fetch their objectives from the business vision and cascades down to the hierarchy. The insulation between an employer and the HR function has very distinct and significant in organization building. Instead of discussing further on what are the expectations and putting HR successfully on it and move from dot to dot wording. International Booklet will enable HR Professionals; learn the models of Human Resources in a scale. This shall also facilitate them in their goal achievements by streamlining various loose ends into an integrated approach for their organizations.