June 24, 2016

Gratitude is my Attitude!

Gratitude- paying respect, being appreciative or being thankful is what you do when you are poured and benefitted with someone’s act.
Gratitude is an expression that has to reflect through action. This phrase means little when you are young, beginner or a starter. You feel like you don’t owe anything to
the world as you have got everything in you. A wrong notion, a very wrong feeling and a completely destructive mentality.

You as a person, always know that your personality, your individuality is because of your DNA and there’s only you as YOU. We perceive ourselves, portray ourselves that ‘I am this way because that’s in my DNA’.

Over a period of my work life, one thing I realized that you even develop a professional personality eventually. Working for so long, with seniors, especially with your boss- you adopt some traits. The tendency is to pick up the working style and approach from your boss, as you have been putting your hours, days and years with him/her for over a longer time. These transfers take place knowingly or unknowingly with you. Most of the time you follow certain things because you have to and you are left with no choice other than work according to your boss. Slowly and gradually, looking back into the time, you realize that your professional personality has a unique style and it turns out to be the collective style of all the bosses you were working for.

Now- it’s time to think about them, be thankful that – you as a professional, is only because of your seniors. A very much “ can’t deniable fact!” It is that when you meet the best, you give your best- just a ‘R ipple Effect’ or ‘Effect of Reflection’ ! Conventional wisdom says that people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. My experience says that visionary people quit for better prospects, rather than bosses. Good or bad- every boss communicates something really effective and he can hardly be the ‘only reason’ for your quitting. C’mmon… lets be more practical… having
worked for six different organizations, I have never quit for a boss, rather yearned for spreading my wings in a wider horizon. And, also a casual check in my circle gave me the idea that they too have never changed for the reason being ‘the boss’.

It’s time to remember them… I have found that all of my professional traits is from the so called ‘professional DNA’ – ‘Desired Noticeable Attributes’ . Me too have borrowed certain traits and thoughts from my bosses and have developed a combined working style. I am ‘me’ in professional world because of all of them. A big thanks to all of you… for making me …ME.

The answer to all the question marks raised on my professional behavior are the lessons I learnt from my bosses. Coming to the point- all of them were not given as a teaching or preaching nor it was transferred technically; it was picked naturally in the long term process–

Boss #1Be a friend to your juniors and still you will find them following you for the knowledge you possess. [This encouraged me to acquire in-depth knowledge]
Boss #2Take decisions… will back you always… will praise you in public and punish you in private. [Empowered me and made me understand the importance of empowerment]
Boss #3Everything is negotiable… keep yourself upgraded with the market. [Learnt the worldly fact]
Boss #4Don’t settle for mediocre… aim big, be perfect and remain very much in trend. [Developed the art of perfection]
Boss #5Nothing is above the company. [Gave an insight of organizational vision]
Boss #6You are not here to please everyone, make everyone happy. You are not here to be liked or loved. Your role has to be commended. Know your job, your role and act wisely. [Taught me to be objective]

During those days, frankly speaking- I was bugged up with some of them, an example to demonstrate this…. It was a herculean task to satisfy one of my boss. It was really difficult to please him, as he use to highlight some or the other mistakes even from a beautifully crafted piece of work (at least I thought so). He wanted everything perfect. Even though he wasn’t a tech-savvy, but the beauty was that he knew what he wanted and would not agree to settle for anything less. Because of him, we started exploring new arenas and the result was that we rediscovered our hidden potentials. Now, looking back… really want to thank him.

You may not notice, observe or agree with the same when you are still working. But you may find that working for some five plus years, you tend to become like some of your bosses. I wasn’t fortunate to know, understand and analyze it earlier but thought of sharing this so that you can work wonders, if you know it already. You can be the sculptor of your career… so shape it up and design it uniquely when the clock is still ticking. Here I refer to a motivational speech “You are the co-author of your destiny”. So, craft it the way you want…

Whatever position or title you hold today… is merely a reflection of all your seniors and this day- again, you still ought to pay respect to all your seniors. Believe me… their experience was, is and would always be much more than yours… and experience is something that you don’t get thru books. No theory can beat the experience.

Wearing the HR hat- today, I find it important to look back and pay due reverence to all my bosses for being themselves, good or bad, because I learnt from everything that was thrown to me.

Today I realize that everyone instills you with something or the other and helps you grow and flourish.
Slowly… but definitely… I have a developed an attitude- Gratitude is my Attitude… Find out what’s yours???

An Article by :


Anita Simson

Manager- Human Resources & Admin.

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry