February 23, 2016

A Decade of HR journey in Dubai

The face of Human resources in dubai has changed a lot in past ten years. The country has moved further and developed a lot in terms of human rights and compliances in line with the ILO. The introduction of wage protection system and mandatory medical insurance by ministry of labor, intervention of dubai municipality, ministry of labor and civil defence for ensuring the quality of employee accommodations and facilities regarding health and safety is a major evidence of development and commitment towards the care of human capital. The other developments of major infrastructure like dubai metro, hospitals, great health care facilities has also increased the options and ease the day to day life.

Dubai being an expat oriented workforce county needs human resources managers and company to be extra caretaker and a step ahead in terms of employee care, motivation, health , hygiene and safety.

More than routine tools of human resources in this part of world need to take a parental approach. As majority of employees have their families in their respective countries, the responsibilities of the well being of employee rests on the shoulder of the human resources departments. We at trinity take care of such aspects well in in turn we receive great employee engagement, trust and loyalty.

Factors like periodic Pay rises, appraisals and financial areas becomes secondary when an employee is taken care about the basic well being, emergency family needs and critical times. The culture for the company is something that attracts and retains the employee to the company.

We ensure some of small but really great practices which helps the trust to be intact. Practices like :-
— Visiting a employee if admitted to hospital.
— Helping to reach employee to their loved ones in case of some critical issues in their hometown
— Collection of funds from the employees and equal contribution from the management in case of serious illness causing Permanent disability or demise of an employee.
— Providing loans and advances for performing major events of life like weddings, children’s higher education etc.
— Apart from this, good gestures like celebrating birthdays, wishing important dates, rewards for good work, recognizing for efforts etc goes on simultaneously.

A major and important factor which really helps a lot in building trust is availability of the hr personnel to listen the problems. We at trinity walk to the shop floors , camps and the respective sites at regular interval in order to listen their issues related to work, day to day issues related to Health and safety and resolve at the earliest. This creates less foot falls in hr department, reduces grievances, and increases satisfaction. The deprive of the availability of the human resource time creates feeling of mistrust, panic amongst the employees.

In short, the trust we show is that trust and many more things we get in return from the employees. It is very true and evident as Richard Branson says ” you take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers”

A well satisfied employee is always a great asset to the company.

An Article by :

Nimit Pandya

Mr. Nimit Pandya

Designation – GROUP HR MANAGER & ADMIN MANAGER Department – Human Resource

Company – Trinity holdings