HR- A Habit!
Habit- I believe, is a notable attribute of one’s life. It shapes and directs your behavior and thus your career, your destiny and your life… Agreed??

 Let me elaborate the same for you- You do something for a day, then two and then frequents the same and the day is not far that you realize that the same has grown in you that you have to do it- it comes naturally out of you, without even you realizing the same. It happens … and then you name it habit. – Somewhat, I hope to be in line with your thoughts… Now let’s make it more clearer.

 Habit- You may initiate it out of a routine, tradition or pattern and then it goes to become weakness, fixation or dependency. And, when this becomes obsession or addiction- you are known for this… this becomes your identity. You and your habit, now are not two components – it’s one and now your habit represents you.

Now, develop a habit of HR… rather, embrace and envelope yourself with HR habita routine where all the required attributes are shaped and fashioned in a model where everyone and everything is been influenced. Human Resources- believing … practicing … performing – is what is indispensable. In concise- you need to breathe HR… live HR. Living is merely not surviving…but to be full of life.

Cultivate HR habit … when I say cultivate… it spontaneously means that it is not inbuilt- you are not born with it… hence cultivate, foster and nurture it to such an extent that it then comes out naturally. At one point you will find yourself breathing, thinking and practicing HR. To think like a HR you ought to be very proficient, as I mentioned in my earlier write-ups- you need to be very very objective and not subjective. Practicing the HR professionally, helps you reaching a different level- a level where you find yourself in a blissful state. Your personality is shaped in five dimensions, i.e.- Physical self, Energy self, Intellectual self, Mental self and Blissful self. And this final state helps you reach and perceive things clearly.


An Article by :


Anita Simson

Manager- Human Resources & Admin.

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry